The Tiñin Cat Kingdom

This is everyone’s first Visual Toys. The foundational. It is a presentation of intentions, the first construction of a Visual Toy and its concept. An object with which to awaken imagination and fun in a visual way, turning this strange object into a visual toy. In it is the portrait of the cat of my wife and mine, Tiñin, and around him I build a castle or fantasy kingdom, with roller coasters and a dragon’s head, a volcano and a rainbow, a wonderful mix for the spectator’s imagination .

It also adds the concept of “New” in its billboard, which in English is “New”. Much of my work is dedicated in its internal signage to the concept of “New”. Its abuse and its absence, the satiety caused by everything and nothing is new. A long concept developed in my work in ink on paper, which in this Visual Toy mixes my animated Gif work with the work in ink on paper. It is a fusion of concepts, presented this time if the Visual Toys as something new.

This Visual Toy has been exhibited at various festivals and sold as a signed and numbered copy in London Gallery. Much appreciated for being the first and foundational that at the same time contains all the elements that I have developed in the future. He is the firstborn.

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