Trinity – 50/50 Edition

The second collaboration between Swiss Artist Dario De Siena and Bay Area Artist Gabe Weis was born in the early days of our NFT journey. The plan for the onset was to drop two collaborative NFTs that would showcase our different styles and let each artists shine.

This NFT started as a 36 by 36” collage on canvas using one of Dario’s iconic women as the focal point. Gabe chose to add two figures to either side of the main female to show the multitudes that we all live in. Together these three intertwined figures form a trinity of form and spirit.
We hope that as we grow this NFT community that we can always appreciate friendship, collaboration and joy.

As part of this drop we will do a raffle of the 36” by 36” original collage on canvas. We will do the drawing during an IG live using a random number generator. Numbers will be given in the order of purchase.

The drawing will take place on the Wednesday after all 50 of the NFTs are sold. We will post on both of our IG stories for the lucky winner.

File: 26.6MB – 4615 × 4615 – JPG

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