Hi, my name is Samuel Reid and I have designed a three-dimensional CAD generated model of my take on the TRX coin, developed into a 1 of 1 art piece on the ERC-721 blockchain.

CONTRACT: 0x495f947276749Ce646f68AC8c248420045cb7b5e
TOKEN ID: 59185911955877048917277883923148476408799449155844890404579770637992113209345

I designed the coin with a revolving centerpiece to artistically expose the beauty of TRX’s iconic structure. Black and grey brushed metals form the body of the bezel and the coin face which are elegantly contrasted by both polished red metals and red gemstone to capture the TRX identity.

The model was constructed using spaceclaim and rendered using keyshot. Animation was controlled using ANSYS.

The artwork for sale is gif showcasing the revolving center and inherent beauty of my rendition of the TRX coin.

Collection: CRYPTO FAN ART

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