VoxoDeus #2959

📤 All Voxos in the VoxoDeus collection have been previously owned.

🎁 To mint a brand new Voxo, go to 👉🏽 [VoxoDeus Minter](

🎁 Minted Voxos will be revealed every 24-hour cycle, until then you’ll be seeing a VoxoCube.

VoxoDeus is the first large-scale interactive 3D NFT collectible set.

6313 Voxos. 6 Species. 4 Factions. 3 Rarities. Created by a team of 20+ artists, designers, and developers working to make 3D NFTs an experience.

Interactivity, swappable backgrounds, ambient music, and a scavenger hunt. We’re also the first NFT project to partner with [@TheSandboxGame]( and create playable avatars for VoxoDeus NFT owners.

For more information and a unique experience, visit our [website]( or join our incredible [Discord community](

Collection: VoxoDeus

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