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A physical copy of the painting is included in the purchase of this 1 of 1 NTF! A custom 30″x40″ painting by AmerSM will be shipped to the winning bidder to hang in your home.

Social Media plays a significant factor in my success as a digital artist. Because of that, I am constantly watching what is happening with the culture, specifically in the city. Watching social media is what inspired me to create this piece. Given the current health climate, the masses on social media seem to be coping with the unknown through comedy or trolling. Over time, I have noticed that the comment section on all posts regarding their names is filled with the clown emoji. Hence, the idea sparked to paint them as actual clowns. I have Doug Ford featured as Ronald McDonald as he loves their food and Justin Trudeau as the most popular clown of all time, The Joker. I kept them in their usual suit uniform but changed the colours to match the characters. Overall, the key to my success is never losing sight of opportunity and keeping my personal options separate from my work. Therefore, this piece has no direct correlation to my feelings surrounding their work.

Collection: Clowning Around – AmerSM

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