“Wicca” (literally “the urban witch”) — aims to show a fusion of ageless ideas, such as urban subculture, spirituality, and movements like Graffiti. It’s reimagined in a Science Fiction context, employing symbology that has a long history in our society, reducing the clutter of what’s going to leave in due time, and keeping what’s likely to stay.

The human hands have always been attracted to art. We’ve made marks on our walls since caveman days, and both Graffiti and Print have demonstrated that they’ll be around for a long time. The same applies to more complex philosophies such as spirituality and its logos, such as pentagrams, body modification, and urban self-expression.

Menog’s career in the Concept Art and Entertainment sector has been built on this piece, which encompassed parts of storytelling and personal philosophies that were not existent within his visual vocabulary before its genesis.
Menog was able to progress his career with the release of this piece in 2017 and has then been sought after for his character design work by several AAA game development studios.

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