Yao Family Wines: Special Edition Lot #11 (#11 of 282). To commemorate the number worn by Yao Ming and the year of Yao Family Wines first release.

Exclusive and limited mint. Only 1 of 1

Yao Family Wines, the critically acclaimed Napa Valley winery founded by retired basketball star and global humanitarian Yao Ming, is releasing its most exclusive wine “THE CHOP” paired with a limited edition NFT. Yao Family Wines becomes the first winery in the world to offer a wine for auction paired with a NFT digital collectible.

Each year since inception, Yao Family Wines releases have received 90+ point scores from some of the world’s most respected wine critics, including Robert Parker’s The Wine Advocate, who wrote “The former basketball star’s initial release immediately establishes itself among the elite Cabernets of Napa Valley.”

The Chop Drop links a benchmark release from the critically acclaimed Napa Valley winery with a Non-Fungible Token (NFT) in the next generation of collectibles.

The NFT marketplace allows us to layer digital rights management atop physical assets. Each “ChopDrop” NFT is paired with an actual bottle of the Yao Family Wine “Chop”, a Limited Release Cabernet Savignon, leveraging the Ethereum blockchain to protect the rights to a physical good in the digital world, where those rights can be unambiguously verified, transferred, traded, and sold all over the world.

Through NFT and Physical “Twin” ownership, Yao Family Wines provides their customers with trusted provenance and verified transfer of ownership, jumpstarting the removal of fraud in the space.

The Chop Drop represents the future for collectible wine sales worldwide and we are proud to be aligned with Yao Family wines in an industry first for the Napa Valley Wine trade.

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