CryptoPunk #0048 In City

**Plop, Plop, Fizz, Fizz, Oh, What a CryptoPunk with a dino it is!**

Straight out of the mint, still sizzling hot.

**CryptoPunks** have unleashed a whole a different level of prowess. By **taming** the deadly primeval dinosaurs, they let you saddle and explore the bone-chilling adventures in infinite space, deserts, vibrant city and even deep blue seas.

Climb up on a fire spitting T-rex and stun the smaller creatures with fear as you soar above them. Fly pteranodon over the barren deserts. Be careful, dont hit the airplane!
Whats next? Styracosaurus under the deep blue sea? I’ll take two, please!

**Uh-Oh, Better Get CryptoPunks with dinos.**

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Collection: CryptoPunks with Dinos

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