Floating Keys by Shawn Mendes x Genies

***Piece 3 of the full 3-Piece Genies Statue Set.***

**This Genies Statue NFT unlocks a unique and rare Wonder Ring as a Genies Wearable that can be used for your own Genie. Collecting ALL THREE Genies Statue NFTs unlocks the 4th Wonder Ring, an ultra rare Genies Wearable that can be used for your own Genie. Details of the Genies Wearable will be viewable by buyers upon purchase. For more info, visit www.genies.com. Genies for consumers will launch in March.**

Welcome to Genies’ Origin Series with Shawn Mendes, Number 2 of 6 Curated Genies Collections.

Genies are official avatars for the world’s biggest icons. These tastemakers use their Genies to memorialize life defining moments. For the first time ever, Genies is bringing a consumer first approach to digital art & collectibles, providing real world utility to NFTs – Genie NFTs unlock rare Genie Wearables for you to adorn your own Genie and bring them wherever you go. Own a piece of culture.

A message from Shawn…

“I’ve always been fascinated with our current generation of young artists & their ability to express themselves through self-learning and free expression online. From sharing videos on Youtube as a kid, to working with incredible artists & creative directors to visual artists on our tours, I’ve been humbled by the incredible work of young people making change in the world through their passions in music and other art forms.

Inspired by my Wonder album, I’m dropping collectible Genie Moments to raise funds with an aim to amplify, uplift, and empower young digital artists who are using their talent to create positive, social change. I’ll be donating the profits from all collections to support the efforts of the Shawn Mendes Foundation, including our Wonder Grants program and a new pool of grants we’re launching with Genies to support young digital artists. We’re hoping this drop will enable young creators to prosper. In this drop, you can contribute to that cause while unlocking rare Wonder digital wearables for your own Genie.

Together let’s give a voice to inspiring individuals & foundations on their endeavors to make change & give back!”

The Shawn Mendes Foundation seeks to amplify, empower & uplift youth changemakers, their organizations and their work. SMF works to provide a learning platform for today’s youth, and give direct support to causes they are passionate about. We will encourage people to learn alongside Shawn about the amazing causes they can actively support – and the incredible people working to make a difference in their own lives and in the lives of others.

Collection: Wonder: Shawn Mendes x Genies

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