GIGOSO 01/12 – Vexcera, The Crown of Dreams


Vexcera, in Supernal, means Crown of Dreams. This is probably the most poetically beautiful gas giant ever to be registered in the Colonial Roster. Vexcera is home to majestic and breathtaking cloudscapes, and awesomely beautiful, yet deadly, thunderstorms. Silveryne Sky Citadels adorn the multi-layered cloudscape, residences of the Cloud Farms Co’s elite trader-aristocrats. Skywhales of Lovecraftian dimensions float among the clouds, the namesake of Supernal trader-armadas everywhere, accompanied by simurghs of avians. Bards all over the colony space sing of Vexcera and its many wonders.


This animation is part of a series of collections from the upcoming tabletop RPG and strategy game, Solar Ocean: Colonies.

NFT’s of the stunning artwork from our game universe will be offered for the esteemed NFT clientele who would like to support us with their purchase in making the vision of the Solar Ocean: Colonies game a reality.

Gas and Ice Giants of the Solar Ocean is part of a set of 5 Planet Packs:

– Gas and Ice Giants of the Solar Ocean (12 NFT’s)
– Earth-like Worlds of the Solar Ocean (12 NFT’s)
– Volatile Planets of the Solar Ocean (12 NFT’s)
– Water and Ice Worlds of the Solar Ocean (12 NFT’s)
– Anomalous Planets of the Solar Ocean (12 NFT’s)

Ownership of a planet NFT in the Solar Ocean universe carries the following benefits:

– In the game universe lore, you will literally own the planet, which means, the Colonial Contract inside the game universe will be listed under your name or a mutually agreed version of your name that fits the game lore.
– You will have private comment access to our Asana project schedule, which means you’ll be able to follow up on how the game development is going and comment on what we are doing.

Depending on the amount of your investment into the NFT, you will have multiple perks. Please note that these perks initially apply to the first buyer. However, they can be transferred as a whole to another single person:

– Up to 1 ETH: All of the above.
– Up to 2 ETH: All of the above, plus you’ll sit down with us in a zoom session as we name the main settlements of your worlds on the planet map together with you.
– Up to 3 ETH: All of the above, plus we’ll also name the prominent features of the world together, such as geological formations and moons, etc.
– Up to 5 ETH: All of the above, plus we’ll also design and name some of the main cast of characters of the world together.
– Up to 7 ETH: All of the above, plus we’ll work on the planetary histories together and come up with 2-4 major events in the colonial history.
– Up to 10 ETH: All of the above, plus your persona will join the Joint Colonial Board (JACOB) in the game universe.
– Above 10 ETH: All of the above, plus your persona will be one of the main non-player characters in the game universe.

Please note that all design collaboration and naming rights are going to be subject to our final approval. They may be part of a multiple-choice list we provide you.

Understand that we want to share the power to create a lasting game with you, but the end result must remain within the artistic vision of the game and true to the game lore, for everyone to enjoy.

Collection: Worlds of the Solar Ocean

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