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Why is the sky blue?

The sky is blue because of the way sunlight interacts with the molecules in the Earth’s atmosphere. When white sunlight reaches the atmosphere, molecules like oxygen and nitrogen scatter the light in all directions, making the sky look blue.

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#22 In Cash We Trust – CÉSAR MARCÉN for Exquisite Workers

It has been a year we create the Exquisite Corpse on Instagram among hundreds of very talented emerging and established digital artists. Exquisite Corpse (from the original French term “cadavre exquis”) was a game played among the greatest Surrealists and…

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Momentum #74

A day that starts with a smile will undoubtedly be successful. But what if we combine your good mood with a flight of imagination? Inspired by nature this composition celebrates its matchless beauty and unsurpassed variety: a blue sea, dark…

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Maslacoin – #001

Carlos Maslatón is the argentinian king of Bitcoin. He was able to spot the posibilities of cryptomarket way before any mortal south the earth’s equator. For that, we owe him allegiance and the honorific first place in our collection. Collection:…

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GIGOSO 01/12 – Vexcera, The Crown of Dreams

WORLD DESCRIPTION: Vexcera, in Supernal, means Crown of Dreams. This is probably the most poetically beautiful gas giant ever to be registered in the Colonial Roster. Vexcera is home to majestic and breathtaking cloudscapes, and awesomely beautiful, yet deadly, thunderstorms.…

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