Relic of Foresight

**Charge mechanics**

*Only an NMH (non-mask holder) can buy the Eye.

*The eye is recharged by the shaman on the creation and is sold with 3 charges to the owner. 3 uses = 3 raffles.

*The eye won’t be recharged when it’s sold to another person.

*The owner might decide to sell it to another person after 1 charge is used. Then the eye has 2 remaining charges that a new owner can use.


*Owner is automatically included in a stealth raffle, starting from the first raffle after the Eye is bought by the new owner.

*Owner who manually enters a raffle does not use a charge (also they do not get 2 places in a raffle, only 1)

*An NMH who wins a mask with the eye, can’t use it anymore.

*When the charges depleted, you can always enjoy the art. And who knows, maybe someday it could have some value

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