StoryFire – Social Entertainment Platform

StoryFire is a publishing platform aiming to give Creators unique monetization tools, build collaborative audiences and publish censorship-free content. It’s a hybrid social-entertainment destination that combines elements of Twitter, Youtube, Wattpad and Patreon.

The videos, written stories, music, podcasts and art published on the platform have touched millions of users fueled by a super passionate community. Top Creators on the platform have a combined social reach of over 100 million people; some of these Creators include McJuggerNuggets, KeemStar, KidBehindACamera and RackaRacka.

The gas for StoryFire is “Blaze” — the in-app currency which has surpassed 120 million transactions. This utility currency has been robustly integrated, creating a thriving earn-purchase-spend economy. Some actions you can take with Blaze include:

– Tipping users for social posts, video content, written content
– Adding a Blaze paywall to content
– Promoting content
– Earning Blaze watching ads

Co-founders Brian Spitz (film/tv director) and Jesse Ridgway (Youtuber w/ 2 billion+ views) met in 2017 while making a movie for Studio71 that won the Streamy award and sold to Verizon. Although currently living in a centralized environment on a database, their vision for StoryFire is a decentralized platform governed by the community via the Blaze economy & marketplace.

The current tech stack is React Native + Swift + Kotlin + NodeJS + Github + AWS (EC2,Lambdas,S3) + MongoDB Atlas + Kubernetes + CircleCI for automation + + OneSignal + DataDog + Cloudflare.

By purchasing this NFT, you are acquiring the StoryFire platform’s Source Code in Production as the unlockable. There will also be a contact sheet provided in the “Unlockable” section of the NFT, that upon completion will allow us to contact you for the remainder of the deal. You will be entitled to all of StoryFire’s assets in a separate transaction subject to legal paperwork. This deal includes:

**Product (Over $3,000,000 in Development Costs to Date)**
– StoryFire iOS app – 4.7 Rating Rating / 30,000 Ratings
– StoryFire Android app – 4 Star Rating / 11,000 Ratings
– StoryFire Website

**Product Features / Details**

– Written Storytelling/Publishing
– Video Storytelling/Publishing
– Social Feed
– Unique Feed per User (Social, Video, Written)
– Direct Messaging
– Blaze Currency (120,000,000 Transactions to Date)
– Mobile Ads Integration
– Creator Analytics/Revenue Dashboards
– Leaderboards
– Search
– Notifications
– Alerts
– Scalability Optimizations > 100K Concurrent Users

**Social Media Accounts**
– Twitter – 29,000 Followers
– Instagram – 15,000 Followers
– Discord – 3,300 Members
– Facebook – 2,600 Followers
– Social Blade Access

** Domain**

What is not included in this sale are users IP (intellectual property) as users own all content they upload per the StoryFire Copyright & Ownership, Terms of Service and Privacy legal policies which can be found here: [Legal Policies](

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While this sale is live, the founders will conduct regular AMA’s to address any ‘burning’ questions, which will be announced publicly on their respective Twitter accounts: Jesse Ridgway [@McJuggerNuggets]( and Brian Spitz [@brianspitz]( And for email questions, feel free to contact us here: [email protected].

Upon execution of this sale, we will be in direct contact to hand over the keys to the StoryFire platform. The company’s ownership, source code, database, third-party software and social media credentials will be formally transferred via our legal department. This transfer is subject to domestic and international regulatory requirements and measures including, but not limited to, the SEC, GDPR, CCPA and PI (personal information) classified as such by data protection government agencies. This transfer of ownership is subject to, but not limited to, the [StoryFire Terms]( [Privacy]( and [Copyright]( legal policies. This transfer is also subject to legal policies from third-party services in our tech stack along with social media account legal …

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