The Blocks of Art #11

This project is dedicated to Art Blocks. Each panel on the block is a small generative art piece with several random parameters that lives its own life, at the same time being part of the composition. This symbolizes generative artists united by the common idea of ArtBlocks. Additional project feature(s) => color-1: #0d0b0b, color-2: #ecedef, color-3: #d80056, scheme: 01|0123|013|0123|12, windows: 1, rain: 3, circle: 1, controls: 9, centrifuge: 3, pendulum: 1, heartbeat: 6, aim: 4, mesmerizer: 1, bouncy: 2, cross: 5, wall: 2, lines: 1, pulses: 3, brick: 2, billboard: 0, letter: B

Collection: Art Blocks Curated

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