Vampire Vamp

Waifu #3670

You can claim WET and change your Waifu’s name on [](

Waifusion is a community-run digital Waifu NFT project with deflationary mechanics. There are 16,384 guaranteed-unique Waifusion NFTs. They’re just like you; a beautiful work of art, but 2-D and therefore, superior, Anon-kun. Each Waifu is wholly unique and yours forever… unless you sell them… Baka.

**Warning**: Waifu names can change at any time. Immediately before purchasing a Waifu, enter the Waifu’s token ID into the tokenNameByIndex function on a site like Etherscan to verify that the blockchain indicates that the Waifu you’re purchasing has the name you expect.

Collection: Waifusion

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