JeffJag – Nobody Feels Time – Magic Rocks (Still Image 3)

JeffJag – Nobody Feels Time – Magic Rocks (Still Image 3) – is an exploration of light, materials, and refraction. Plus it is some kind of translucent land form raising and lowering in a space of blue, which is interesting to me when the topology changes shape as it moves. @JeffJag

This series is all about experimentation and visual exploration of light, physical surfaces, and refraction. I like playing around in 3D creating scenes that could technically be real, at least in theory. But sometimes the attributes of the lights and materials, while based in reality, are actually physically impossible. And I think that’s really cool. I really only like working in realism when it’s pushed just far enough outside the realm of actual photography that it makes something new.

I was also inspired to take many of the ideas I created in the past as still images and explore those concepts as animations. That made this project really fun and also a creative challenge at times. So this series was created from the ground up as moving images. I thought later that people might like still images for different reasons, so I hand selected 5-7 images from each animation to offer next to each.

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