Kusama (Shadow Bend)


Kusama is extremely reliable and grounded. They are quite powerful and do not hesitate to attack when in danger. Cunning and quick, Kusama tends to fly a lot to familiarize themselves in a new area. They are reliable partners and have a strong foundation. Kusama is hard to spot because of their nature and carefulness. Although they are hard to spot, they have neon pink wings that give them away. They do not bode well in places with a lot of light.

Ability Desc:

PolkaPet uses surrounding shadows to unleash a dark attack on its opponent.


The NFT badges of Kusama will be displayed across Litentry’s product to mark the owner of these Polkapets

Total of 800 LIT for rewards (1 LIT per wallet)

Utility within Phala Network core product, pBridges.

Priority access to the first batch of pBridges Phala Network ecosystem utility.

You’ll be invited to first-round trials of many Phala-based products! These include Web3 Analytics, pDiem, pBTC/pDOGE/pBTG, Darkpool…

Early access to Phala product: beta users to provide early feedback

A chance to win 1 of 100 BondSwap PolkaPet 1st Edition Cards

Collection: PolkaPets TCG

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