Metakey Edition One – Genesis

Metakey will be an experiment exploring the unlimited use case blockchain technology can bring to a token, (NFT or FT)

All you need is ONE Metakey, (Any edition), and we will work to integrate a use case in every project we can.

Maybe it’s a pet in a Decentraland game or a sword in The Sandbox?

Maybe you can take it to a website and unlock a special 15 video course or additional data?

Web3 allows us to take NFTs or Fungible Tokens to multiple platforms and have them read differently based on the value a developer assigns.

In the coming years we will work to bring 100’s of use cases to Metakey.

This is the first set – Edition One – Genesis, after which, new batches from a different artist will be released in sets.

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Collection: The Meta Key

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