Not damn care in the world.

The metropolis breathes heavily under the punishing afternoon sun. Even the skyscrapers seem to cower as they sweat in the heat haze. Bricks and mortar might turn to dust while citizens lose their nerve in the hustle of traffic. They’ve come face to face with another relentless August.
Yet there is one who seems unperturbed. Her feet splash around, from time to time, in the minuscule inflatable pool. Hazel eyes hungrily devour every page, word by word. And even though beads of sweat gently roll down her back, she just keeps turning the pages, keeps sipping the wine.

It seems like the sun is hell-bent on melting the fun out of the world and the people below are blaring their objections. The sweet ambiance of chaos. But up here? Here sits the spitting image of serenity: Another drink of wine, another turn of the page, and not damn care in the world.

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