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The Tiñin Cat Kingdom

This is everyone’s first Visual Toys. The foundational. It is a presentation of intentions, the first construction of a Visual Toy and its concept. An object with which to awaken imagination and fun in a visual way, turning this strange…

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Crimson Sea

Crimson Sea or the trials and tribulations a shy winged panther must endure when passing through a crimson sea. This is the season of the unbearable. The too much muchness. The overwhelming colour, potential and exhaustion. This is Some Summer…

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Sōjōbō, The king of Tengu

Sōjōbō (僧正坊, lit. “high Buddhist priest”) is the mythical king of the tengu, legendary creatures who inhabit the mountains and forests of Japan. Sojobo is the Sōjōbō is an ancient yamabushi (mountain hermit) tengu with long, white hair and an…

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#cicatriciebaci #scarkisses Distance Series is working on a visual journey interaction with artists and collectors, here the first portrait generated from the story The Druid told me : “They called me, the one who knows by the oak. My scars…

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A major figure in the Celtic pantheon, Cernunnos embodies the biological cycle of nature, simultaneously reflecting life and death, germination and dieback, like the deer, the animal that symbolizes it, which loses its antlers in winter for recover them in…

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