Happy Moonday #3

The total solar eclipse of 2017 was hands down one of the most fascinating, wild, indescribable phenomenons that I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing. I wasn’t sure what to expect going into it as it was my first; I knew that I wanted to capture each phase as the moon eclipsed the sun, but I had never attempted it before and was quite nervous. Time seemed to both stand still and race forward in anticipation of totality. I kept frantically going over the steps in my head knowing that I had one chance in a very short two minute window to capture what I needed. I wanted enough time to shoot, but I also wanted time to be an observer; with an extraordinary event like this, I would be remiss not to see it through my own eyes.

As soon as totality hit, the world flashed into darkness. Cicadas, crickets, and frogs started chirping and croaking as though twilight was indeed upon us. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing through my viewfinder; could this be real? I found myself pausing, dropping my camera down to my waist, and gazing wonderingly up at this spectacle—a moment that I’ll certainly never forget.

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