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Happy Hermit Crab

This token is verifiable for admission to VeeCon 2022, 2023, 2024 This token is a collectible that lives on the Ethereum blockchain Additional Content: – [Character Vector]() – [Character Image]() – [Character Creation Video]() – [Character with Gary Vaynerchuk]() Collection:…

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Who Was Aristotle? Aristotle – c. 384 B.C. to 322 B.C. – was an Ancient Greek philosopher and scientist who is still considered one of the greatest thinkers in politics, psychology and ethics. When Aristotle turned 17, he enrolled in…

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Lonely Santa Claus

This creation is a Christmas Art I made for 2020 Christmas. Instead of making a typical joyful and festive-ish Christmas art, I used a slightly different perspective to show that everyone deserves love and care, including the Generous Giver, Santa…

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