nobody gets me

你好, 我是華語音樂圈得獎歌手/音樂監製陳奐仁。這個應該是全球華語音樂人的第一個NFT。



我的原創作品“Nobody gets me”是寫我這個海外華語音樂人的經歷。這首歌在我製作的3、4年間經歷了無數的變化,由一首華語情歌,到英文說唱作品,到電子舞曲。。。。。。但都未能讓我滿意。最近有關亞洲人的新聞給了我啟發,讓我不再拘泥於市場既有模式,回到我最手到拿來的音樂元素:嘻哈beats+吉他, 用雙語來演繹這首歌。


買了這個NFT之後,你將馬上得到 IPFS encoded 鏈接讓你下載以下內容,包括:

-原創歌曲 “Nobody gets me” 的7秒MP4 單曲連封面
-原創歌曲 “Nobody gets me” 的24bit/192khz WAV 音頻
-與陳奐仁 zoom 對話1小時

Hi, my name is Hanjin. I’m a popular singer/producer in the Chinese language market. This is probably the first NFT by a Chinese musician. 

I believe that while we feed our our bodies food, we need to feed our souls to stay alive. Music feeds the soul. I came up in an era where CDs died, MP3s failed on its promise and free platforms have exploited music to appalling extents. My contemporaries and myself didn’t have the easiest time. I fear it’d be much tougher for the next generation of Chinese musicians. NFTs promise a ray of light for young musicians but it needs to be proven. I’ve decided to guinea pig myself to prove it’s validity and sustainability in the Chinese music market. 

This drop is a simple demonstration of how a musician can do an NFT. No frills. Pure and simple. If I fail, then I fail. if I succeed, then here’s a demo for young musicians to use! 

“Nobody gets me” is about my experience as a Chinese musician living and working overseas. This song went through a couple of revisions over a 3 to 4 year period. It was a Chinese ballad, an english EDM track, a trap song… never quite hit the spot. Recent events in the asian community inspired me not adhere to market stereotypes and go back to my musical roots: beats and electric guitars with bilingual lyrics. 

The number 7 has been with me all my life. House numbers, floor numbers, phone numbers…etc. The number 7 appears throughout this drop. (As well as my birthday, 27th January, which also has the number 7. Lol. )

Upon purchasing the NFT, the following content becomes available in an unlocked IPFS encoded link:
-MP4 single graphic with 7sec version of my original song “Nobody gets me” in hi-res. 
-24bit/192khz WAV audio file of my original song “Nobody gets me”
-1 hour private zoom chat with Hanjin

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